Old News

I found this article in the Celt from July 6, 1849 at oldnews.com

“UNEQUAL MARRIAGE (from a Correspondent). – On the 23rd June last a marriage was celebrated by the Rev. Mr. ______ in the Church of ______. The Bridegroom, named Patrick DONOHOE, of Druminisklin (commonly called the “sack of gold,” from the immense quantity of gold he is supposed to have) is upwards of 80 years of age, the happy bride, named Mary LEDDY, of Ardlany, being only 16. As they were leaving the church after the ceremony was completed an accident occurred which caused great diversion. The Bridegroom, who is unable to walk without the aid of a stick, having proceeded a few paces from the door, stumbled, and came prostrate to the earth; on rising he exclaimed, “Mary, Mary, your devoted husband is undone!” but when he recovered from the shock, he ejaculated, “No, your loving, your devoted, your__ your__ your__ (he could not proceed, but wept like a child) your husband is not undone; thanks to kind Providence, he has been spared to be a happy bliss to you and your offspring hereafter.” These observations elicited a laugh from the spectators, who were very numerous. The happy couple were then conducted to a conveyance which awaited them, (gentle reader do not smile when I tell you what it was,) an ass’s cart! And they drove off as quick as poor donkey could foot it, followed by the spectators, who lustily cheered them till out of sight. I am informed that they are spending the ‘honey-moon’ at the residence of her father; the ‘dragging home’ is to take place next week, when great pleasure is anticipated.”

In rural Ireland, especially around here, families stay in the same place for generations. Both these families of Donohoes and Leddys still live in the same townlands. I wonder if they know of their infamous ancestors?


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