Kilnaleck loses most pubs title

Article in this week’s Anglo-Celt. It doesn’t say where the title has gone to, because most Irish towns are losing pubs. Besides that would be just too much effort – this is the Celt after all. In typical extensively researched fashion the article goes on to say that we’re suffering from competition from the three pubs in Mountnugent and the eight in Ballinagh. They’ve added two new pubs in each of these towns :-)
Pic by: Adrian Donohoe
Empty stools and empty glasses. Pubs closures in Kilnaleck have resulted in the town losing its title as the location with the most pubs per head of population. Publicans Joey Boylan, Pius Denneny, Tom Michael Hill and Peter Brady are photographed in Kilnaleck.
The town of Kilnaleck, which once boasted to having the highest number of pubs per head of population anywhere within the British Isles, has now lost that title following the closure of two pubs in recent times.


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