Guitar Man

Like your music acoustic? No synthesizers? Come and listen to the Guitar Man next time they’re here. Pete and Stephen are good musicians (although not as good as they think they are!) and always worth a listen. This is them here last Saturday night.
guitar man-1237

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  1. Paul Malvern says:

    As visitors England I found your web site before our trip
    Called into pub last saturday afternoon when the local game was on the tv.
    Spoke to Delories who brother lived in the same village as I went to school, Bishop’s Cleeve near Cheltenham and about 200 yards from my parent house, small world !
    Was told that you had music on that night so and after getting info on where to order a taxi, (no adress or post code!)
    Arived back set for a good drink and entertainment and was not dissapointed great night out some thing it is had to find or here.
    Thank you Paul Malvern

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