Legendz Karaoke

We regularly have karaoke in the bar, but Ive never seen a karaoke couple who know their stuff, get people involved, are talented themselves, and above all, appear to enjoy themselves and get involved with the various nutters around the bar ( and I’m not excluding myself in that description! ) like these guys! They’re also ably abetted by “Sausages”.
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2 Responses to “Legendz Karaoke”

  1. Paula n Milca (Legendz) says:

    We re also pretty blonde and came across this post a year and a half after it was posted!! :)
    Alas, we re still enjoying playing in the Best pub in Kilneleck, and probably Cavan!!
    Fantastic people, crac and always a pleasure to be booked here!!!

    Viva the Copper Kettle!!!!

  2. jess says:

    yeah . karaoke in bars is always lots of fun! I just like to practice a lot at home on the karaoke channel online. You know, so I know a little bit what I’m doing on stage !

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