is about 10 miles away near Oldcastle. If you’re wondering where to bring the kids for a couple of hours, this is an ideal spot. Loughcrew is the second largest megalithic cemetery in Ireland (after Carrowmore, in County Sligo) and has around 30 cairns. Most people have heard of Newgrange and the way its inner chamber is illuminated during the Winter solstice, Cairn T or the hag’s cairn at Loughcrew is similar except that it’s alignment illuminates the inner chamber at dawn at the Spring and Autumn equinoxes. The tombs were built around 3200BC, around the same time as the tombs at Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth, and the Great Pyramids at Giza in Egypt. I prefer Loughcrew to Newgrange, there’s more to see, great views, less people and it’s FREE. In good weather you can see 13 out of Ireland’s 32 counties. The OPW have guides there to tell you all about it and show you around inside Cairn T for three months in the Summer (Jun-Aug) but you can go anytime and have a look round on your own.
Cairn T

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