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Floating Coffins

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009


These floating coffins are in Kill graveyard, a mile or so west of Kilnaleck. They are a mother and daughter. The mother was married to an O’Reilly from Baltrasna, but the O’Reilly family wouldn’t allow her burial in the O’Reilly plot. There is a spring well under the vault which causes it to flood. For loads more about Kill graveyard, check out this project done by kids from Kilnaleck National School in 2005 including instructions for using it’s famous healing clay which it is said can cure pretty much anything.

Cavan Cathedral

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

cavan cathedral-2105

The original Cathedral of the diocese of Kilmore was situated about four miles south of Cavan town in the present parish of Kilmore. Some time in the 6th century St Felim established a church there. It was rebuilt in the middle of the fifteenth century as a cathedral. During the reformation it was confiscated and is still a Church of Ireland (Anglican) cathedral

The new cathedral was built between the years 1938 and 1942, and was one of the last of the huge Roman Catholic cathedrals built in Ireland from the 1850s onwards. Unlike most Irish cathedrals, it is neo-classical in style with a single spire rising to 230 feet. The portico consists of a tympanum supported by four massive columns of Portland stone with Corinthian caps. The tympanum figures of Christ, St Patrick and St Felim were executed by the Dublin sculptor, Edward Smith.

The interior is vast and quite gloomy. The twenty eight columns in the Cathedral, the pulpit on the south side and all the statues are of Pavinazetto marble and came from the firm of Dinelli Figli of Pietrasanta in Italy. The interior seems unfinished, the chapels to the northern side are finished in better materials than those on the southern, suggesting a budgetry problem. Unusually it still has its altar rails intact.

Cavan Cathedral-2091

cavan cathedral-2

Cavan Kola

Monday, September 14th, 2009

There is a facebook group called “Bring back Cavan Kola” and now a new song from Dublin band ‘Reader’s Wives’ You can check out their website here or listen to the song now When I was a kid, I used to think this was revolting stuff, but most kids liked it because when it was poured into a glass, it kept it’s head and resembled a bottle of stout

Beach Party

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

The Beach Party on Saturday night was quiet enough, although some people dressed up and there were were even a couple of TOURISTS!

Beach Party-1479Beach Party-1482

New Website

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

I’ve just written a new website for Teresa Leddy’s Little Friends Creche. I also took most of the photos. See what you think at

Legendz Karaoke

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

We regularly have karaoke in the bar, but Ive never seen a karaoke couple who know their stuff, get people involved, are talented themselves, and above all, appear to enjoy themselves and get involved with the various nutters around the bar ( and I’m not excluding myself in that description! ) like these guys! They’re also ably abetted by “Sausages”.
legendz karaoke-1393legendz karaoke-1400legendz karaoke-1402

Cavan Tourism

Friday, June 26th, 2009

There was a good report about visiting Cavan in Saturday’s Irish Independent newspaper, particularly the area around the river Erne (Ireland’s second longest river; both it and the Shannon, the longest river in Ireland, rise in County Cavan).
(Tipped by

Here’s a photo of the Bellavally Gap. Highest point in Glan Gap. Any water flowing left of here goes into the River Erne and on towards Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal; any flowing right goes into the Shannon, and on towards Limerick! The square shapes in the field the other side of the road are pieces of cutaway bog.

West Cavan-04.jpg

Graduation Day

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

I’m like the official photographer for Teresa Leddy’s Little Friends Creche in Cathedral View, Cavan. Tuesday was Graduation Day and they all got little caps and gowns

Little Friends Creche


Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Eircom are improving their service to us yet again by removing the only phonebox in town on Monday. Their excuse? Everyone has mobiles and the phonebox doesn’t make enough to cover it’s costs. Public Service? Forget it…we’ve been privatised. They’ve also removed the one in Mountnugent and two or three in Ballyjamesduff, although they’re leaving one there for now. I believe it’s actually the County Council who pay Eircom the difference between what it costs to maintain the phoneboxes and how much they get in revenue from them. It was supposed to be removed in March. I suppose it would be cynical of me to think they waited until after the local elections to do it.



Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Does anyone else remember Smokie coming to the Springs year after year? Charlie Mullally’s party piece is still “Alice, Alice, where the fuck is Alice?”. Here’s their video “Jet Lagged” from 1982 and it’s no wonder they’re not still going. There was no expense spared but the world just wasn’t ready for the go-go vegetables and the burger spewing something red about halfway through. Watch out for the singer’s coke-snort around 1m45s…