Pub Crawl

Kilnaleck has the highest pub density in the British Isles, we think.

And it’s not just us who think that! We’ve had many trips here by newspapers and TV to do features on us ( admittedly mostly during the silly season July/August when there’s not much news).

There are currently Nine pubs open in the village for a population of about 250-300 (That’s up from about 220 5 years ago!). Here’s a few photos of them.

I took some pics inside some of them (taking the pics took a lot longer than I thought) but I’ll post them in the gallery.

Here’s Pius’s. Pius Denneny is a real character, that’s him looking out the window! He recently changed the name of the pub, to honour Peter Donohue, an ex-owner who played with the Cavan team who beat Kerry in New York in 1947. See here for details


Next Boylan’s. Mary, Tom, Joey and Marie will keep you chatting


Smith’s. Everyone calls it ‘The Miller’s’. Paddy and Kathleen make everyone welcome


Brooks’s (used to be Michael Reilly’s) is run by Martin Smith and Niall Baxter.
They’re both likeable young fellas and attract a likeable young crowd!


Patricia Smyth’s is next. Patricia gives good value in drink and if you don’t know her, you might know Collie or Sean!


Tom Michael and Patricia Hill are now running Fiona’s. Tom’s from Carrickaboy and Patricia’s from Latnadrona. Tom has worked in many of the bars in the town at some time in his life. He’s very good at it and it’s nice to see him doing it for himself.


Graham and Mary McMillan Run ‘The Pub’ very enthusiastically. He’s Scottish and she’s local (nee Byers). They met in Australia!
They have a Beer Garden and Bar Food and a cocktail menu. Mary’s father John is a local radio personality, and they have regular Irish music nights.


Ruth and Matthew Galligan own Brady’s (Ruth’s maiden name). They have a modern lounge (on the left) and an old style bar-behind-the-shop (on the right). It’s the only remaining pub of this style in the village and it has an atmosphere all it’s own that’s hard to replicate with modern decor. The shop sells gifts, groceries, drink and fishing tackle right up until pub closing time… great if you run out of milk or flies!


My own pub, The Copper Kettle. We do music at weekends. Breakfasts, lunches and bar food all day (very nice it is too!). We have cheap broadband internet (only one in town… €2 an hour), free wifi if you have your own laptop, and we’re nice friendly people!!


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