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Drumlane Abbey

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

near Milltown, Belturbet, Co. Cavan was founded in the early sixth century. The original wooden buildings were replaced by stone in the 12th Century, and later added to in the 15th Century. You can clearly see the two periods by the different types of stone building in the tower. The monastery is associated with St. Mogue, who was born in nearby Templeport. It’s in a beautiful place overlooking two lakes in peaceful quiet countryside, however we weren’t the only visitors yesterday, these two Irish hares must have thought it was still March. There are some unusual headstones in the graveyard. The one below with the skull and crossbones is conclusive proof that we’ve been colonised by aliens, with it’s egg-timer on the left, coffin underneath, and space-shuttle on the right!


drumlane-4764 drumlane-4768 drumlane-4775

After a little further research (Thank You, Google), it’s possible these weren’t aliens after all. William Roulston explains the meaning of the strange pictures known as ‘Mortality Symbols’ on some headstones. The skull and cross-bones is a well known symbol for death. The coffin and the bell represent a funeral. The hour glass represents the time running out. These symbols tell us a lot about how people felt about life and death at that time. Headstones like these can be found around Fermanagh and in parts of Monaghan.